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Early Childhood Music Classes for Ages 0-5


Overview of Early Childhood Classes at RMC


Designed to cultivate the joy of music making, our Early Childhood Music Program serves children from birth to age six, taking into account the developmental stages of every age group.

Our musically-rich environment is ideal for nurturing your child’s brain to foster musical comprehension, coordination and expressive sensitivity, therefore developing her musical aptitude.

Music making is one of the few activities that you can do with your child that supports and enhances all aspects of their development, including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and overall literacy development. 

For additional information, to enroll or to be added to our wait list for any of our Early Childhood classes please complete the email form at the bottom of this page or call us at 619-225-9597.


Benefits of Music Education


Benefits for Infant

Benefits for Toddler

Benefits for Preschooler and Beyond

Benefits for Infant

Research in developmental science indicates that babies, as early as 9 months old, who participate in group music making with their parents:

-          Have more sophisticated brain responses to music

-          Develop early communication skills sooner (like pointing at objects that are out of reach, or waving goodbye)

-          Smile more

-          Easier to soothe

-          Show less distress when things are unfamiliar or don’t go their way.

Interactive music making with a caregiver increases an infant’s sensitivity to pitch structure and musical tones, promotes his ability to detect patterns in sounds, and activates the areas of her brain linked to music making and language for life. This is strongly linked to better speech/language development.

Benefits for Toddler

Participating in group music activities with your toddler gives him an opportunity to:

-          Develop higher level musical aptitude

-          Develop higher level cognitive skills

-          Improve her spatial intelligence

-          Develop self-management through songs, movement and finger play.

-          Develop a singing voice

-          Develop listening skills

-          Express himself through a medium other than speech

-          Develop good motor (gross & fine) control and coordination skills

-          Explore creativity

-          Increase her self-awareness

-          Develop self-expression

-          Play alongside other children

Benefits for Preschooler and Beyond

Participating in group music classes will provide your preschooler a fun and rich environment to develop:

-          Higher musical aptitude

-          Higher cognitive skills

-          Listening skills

-          Better language skills

-          Greater self-regulation skills and self-control

-          Self-awareness or inner voice

-          Stronger social skills (specifically social cooperation, social interaction, and social independence)

-          Spatial-temporal reasoning skills (the ability to mentally move objects in space and time to solve multi-step problems)

-          Empathy through multicultural exposure

Also improves:

-          Gross motor skills (such as jumping and dynamic balance)

-          Small motor skills, through finger play and instrument exploration

-          Creativity

-          Imagination


Tuition and Studio Policies for EC Classes


Early Childhood Program - Classroom Policies

Please minimize your side conversations and cell phone use to help all of the students get the most out of class. Students often lose focus when parents are not engaged, and side conversations can be distracting to everyone. We all want our students and their parents to have the best experience possible! We appreciate your cooperation.

1.    Welcome! We look forward to providing an outstanding experience for every participant. Our classes are carefully designed to stimulate specific age ranges and developmental levels, which is why we cannot permit siblings of a different age group to participate in or register for the class.

·         Siblings are welcome to attend class with you while you engage them in quiet activities in the waiting area.

·         Non-mobile infant siblings may be held or worn in soft carriers during class while you assist your older child.

·         If your infant is in a car seat carrier, please place the carrier at the edge of the mat to prevent tripping hazards during dancing and movement activities.

2.    Please stay in the classroom with your child at all times.  If you need to leave briefly, please ask another parent to look after your child during your absence (as your teacher will be occupied teaching the class).

3.    The best experience comes from parents and children who are joyfully engaged in the class. Nearly every child will occasionally fuss, cry or even throw a tantrum during class… and guess what? IT’S OKAY!  If a quick redirect isn’t working, it’s helpful to the child (as well as to their classmates and the teacher) if you remove them for a calming walk around the hallway or a trip to the drinking fountain. 

4.    We don’t recommend arriving more than five minutes early for classes.  Our teachers really appreciate having some uninterrupted time to set up! Additionally, children will behave better for you (and for our teachers) if they’re able to jump right in to the task instead of being asked to wait, wait, wait (so hard!).  If you are more than five minutes early, we suggest getting your child’s wiggles out in the hallway or surrounding grassy areas.

5.    Please, NO SHOES are allowed on the mat.

6.    To keep your classroom clean and safe from allergens, NO FOOD OR DRINKS (other than water) are allowed in the studios. Snacks may be consumed outside in the hallway.

A few reminders on parent participation…

Babies, Tots and Toddlers classes are parent participation classes. This means we encourage you to have fun and engage with your child by singing, dancing, and helping them play instruments. Preschooler classes begin to focus on general classroom skills, and therefore we encourage you to observe quietly from the side. Please jump in and assist if your child needs help focusing.

Early Childhood Program - Financial Policies

All correspondence should be made by phone (619) 225-9597 Or by emailing

1.   Walk-ins are not available. Every student must be pre-registered at least 24 hours prior to the class start time.

2.   Participants are charged a flat rate monthly fee and classes are paid for in advance. Payments are non-refundable. We only issue refunds if we cancel the class and do not offer a make-up opportunity.

3.   You may withdraw by emailing or by calling (619) 225-9597 at least 5 business days before your next auto payment is charged to your credit card. Students who stop attending without notifying us will continue to accrue monthly charges until you call or email us that you wish to withdraw. Your teacher cannot cancel your enrollment.

4.   Sick students should remain home to avoid spreading illness to other students and staff. Children must be without a fever or vomiting for 24 hours to attend class. We reserve the right to ask parents to take visibly sick students home (this includes green or yellow mucus, productive coughs, and fever).

5.   Students may attend a make-up class due to illness if there is space available in another class during the week that they are absent. Please email to inquire about availability. While every effort is made to find a make up opportunity, classes do fill up and make ups are not guaranteed.

6.   Please let us know if your regularly scheduled class is difficult for you to attend so that we can move your child to a more suitable class time. Missed classes do not “roll over” in the form of tuition credit towards the next month. We do not issue refunds for missed classes.


Early Childhood Class Schedule


Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays
Tots (14-24mo) 9:15am Tots (14-24mo) 9:15am Tots (14-24mo) 10:15am   Lil Movers (7-14mo) 9:15am Friends & Family (0-5yo) 9:45am
Toddlers (24-36mo) 10:15am Toddlers (24-36mo) 10:15am     Toddlers (24-36mo) 10:15am  
  Piano Pals (3-4yo) 4:15pm Piano Pals (3-4yo) 4:15pm Piano Pals (3-4yo) 4:15pm Piano Pals (3-4yo) 11:15am  



Developmentally-Appropriate Age Music Classes


Infants (newborn-confident walkers)


In our infant classes you will interact with you child through singing, nursery rhymes, tickle/touch activities, lap bounces, dancing, scarf play and percussion instrument exploration. Our classes are designed to enhance your bond with baby, as you actively explore the joy of music making while your child observes and engages with you.

There are two categories for infant music classes: 

1.      Lap Babies- from newborn to crawling

2.      Lil Movers- from crawling to confidently walking

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $40 PER MONTH paid via AutoPay
Day/Time: call or email for class days/times: 

For a complete weekly schedule and to enroll in one of these classes please call us at: 619-225-9597 


Toddlers (confident walkers -runners)


The toddler classes are designed to begin to develop your child’s musicality, as we sing songs, speak rhymes, clap, tap, wiggle, dance, and participate in finger play, imaginary play, and instrument exploration. Adult-participation is required in this classes.

Toddlers are separated into two age groups:

1.      Tots – Confident walkers to confident runners (approximately 14-24 months)

2.      Toddlers – Confident runners (approximately 24-36 months)         

At the Tots level your child is developmentally in a receptive phase, learning music through watching, listening and feeling. These classes will feel gentler than at the toddler level. She will need you to play with her in class following the teachers lead because she will be learning a lot by imitating you.

At the Toddler level your two year old is entering a more expressive phase. Our toddler music classes provide you with a wonderful opportunity to support your toddler’s growing independence, as you participate in music play alongside him/her. We encourage you to engage in learning the songs in class and repeating them at home. Takes some of the fun home. You toddler loves and learns through repetition.

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $40 PER MONTH paid via AutoPay
Days/Times: call or email for an up-to-date class schedule: 

For a complete weekly schedule and to enroll in one of these classes please call us at: 619-225-9597. 


NEW! Piano Pals (Ages 3-4)


Our brand NEW Piano Pals classes are designed to feed the curiosity of our young music makers. Our early childhood instructor will introduce fun and engaging piano-centered activities using roll out keyboards, xylophones, and other musical instruments that are sure to inspire and motivate. Basic music theory along with rhythm and pitch will also be introduced in each class.

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $50 PER MONTH paid via AutoPay
Days/Times: call or email us for an up-to-date class schedule: 

For a complete weekly schedule and to enroll in one of these classes please call us at: 619-225-9597.


Friends and Family (Sibling Class for ages 0-5)


Musical Friends and Families classes are mixed age (0-5 years) classes that will develop your childrens’ rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic vocabulary in age appropriate ways as they engage with interactive songs, rhymes, movement and instrument play. Having mixed ages in the class encourages an organically family style of learning, as children interact with their siblings and caregivers while having fun exploring music.

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $40 per child, PER MONTH paid via AutoPay
Days/Times: call or email us for an up-to-date class schedule: 

For a complete weekly schedule and to enroll in one of these classes please call us at: 619-225-9597.


Musical Explorers (Ages 4-6)


Gain a strong musical foundation and have a blast in a group environment! The Music & Movement class is created to prepare your child for success in private or group instrument lessons. Our activity-based learning strategies will give your child the opportunity to develop an understanding of steady beat, rhythm, and pitch. Hand-held instruments such as percussion instruments and ukulele, plus a myriad of singing and dancing will keep your child excited to learn music every week.

 45 minutes

Cost: $90 PER MONTH. Paid via AutoPay

Day/Time: call or email for an up-to-date class schedule: 

For a complete weekly schedule see below and to enroll in one of these classes please call us at: 619-225-9597.


Keyboard Explorers (Ages 5-6)


Get a head start into the joy of playing the piano!  This class is dedicated to boosting your child’s understanding of rhythm, notation, and musicality through music and movement-based activities.  Students will focus on accelerating their keyboard knowledge and comfortability on the keys while also touching on elements of other instruments such as ukulele and percussion.  Discover the path to becoming the next little Mozart!

5-6 year olds             45 minutes

 10 week course
Cost $275 
Dates/Times: call 619-225-9597 or email for an up-to-date class schedule: 


Early Childhood Program Questions

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