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Giving Tuesday - November 29, 2016




Meet Cancer Survivor Leighton

Meet Leighton, an adult student at RMC. Music has been helping her stay positive as she faces a current health struggle. We interviewed her to find out what inspired her to keep up with piano lessons during this challenging time.

Originally from South Carolina, Leighton has lived in San Diego for many years. Her first exposure to music at her elementary school ignited a lifelong interest in all types of art. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Painting and Print-Making and has always loved to dance, sculpt and make music. "I love all things creative", said Leighton.

Her continuing interest in music initially brought her to RMC as an adult student several years ago, where she began taking lessons with Leslie Gereghty. Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis interrupted her musical pursuits and she was forced to take a hiatus during treatment. Leighton has recently completed several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and she told us that "the treatments have affected my memory and my ability to process things."

Once Leighton's energy returned, she decided to restart piano lessons with the hope that it might help replenish her critical thinking skills. She was right! Practicing piano is helping build her concentration skills, and the act of setting goals to bring the elements of the song together as a whole gives her a valuable sense of accomplishment.

"Leighton is a very special student, and I was so pleased that she returned to RMC to help her through this difficult time," remarked Gereghty. Although Gereghty now serves as full-time Executive Director, she makes time every week to help contribute to Leighton's healing as her private instructor. They are currently working on the recognizable piece Fur Elise, and Gereghty says that Leighton continues to grow and improve with each lesson.

Leighton wholeheartedly believes that exposure to music education in elementary school improved her life by introducing her to the arts. She is supporting RMC's #GivingTuesday campaign for Fay Elementary because she knows that RMC will not be able to offer this gift to these students without donations. She believes that introducing these children to the gift of music is invaluable and is "the right thing to do".

RMC is currently providing a free pilot music education program for students at Fay Elementary through Music4Change™. Leighton is dedicated to helping us raise $20,000 to bring a complete program to the school in 2017. Will you help? Together, we believe we can improve young lives within our San Diego community. Let's redefine "giving" this holiday.



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