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RMC's Student Leadership Team


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Become an RMC Band-Aid!  Join the Student Leadership Team.


Purpose of the Student Leadership Team:

The Student Leadership Team (RMC Band-Aids) exists for the purpose of providing success to a variety of programs at Recreational Music Center.  These programs include (but are not limited to) Parent’s Night Out, Summer Camps, Open Mic Nights, and fundraisers.  Members of our leadership team serve the younger generation of RMC by being an example of character, responsibility, respect, and, of course, musical passion.

Learning Outcomes:

Not only does our Student Leadership Team serve to better the events and experiences at Recreational Music Center, but it also aims to serve the growth of individuals involved through trainings, group activities, and hands-on experience.  RMC Band-Aids will learn how to best serve the needs of young musicians, develop basic leadership skills, and understand how to work with a team.


RMC’s Band-Aids consists of middle school and high school students (grades 7+) who are passionate about music and inspired to pass down their love for music on to younger students. Band-Aids demonstrate a visible love for music, good character, commitment, enthusiasm, and a willingness to serve and grow as a leader and musician.  The team will be working hands-on with children and will be the “face” of RMC for many budding musicians!  This further explains the need for members of the Student Leadership Team to set a good example and be excited about music. 


To fulfill the purpose of this program, RMC requires team members to attend “Band-Togethers” to get to know their team, receive training and prepare for upcoming events and classes.  Bonfires, pool parties, and jam-sessions are just a few of the themes of upcoming Band-Togethers!  Band-Togethers will be held the 2nd Friday of every month, from 6:30-8:30pm.  It is expected that each member of the team attends Band-Togethers.  Advanced notice in case of absence is required.

Band-Aid Expectations:

As a member of the Student Leadership Team, band-aids are expected to fulfill a minimum of 85 hours per calendar year at RMC.  This includes at least 2 summer camps (35 hours per week) and involvement with other events throughout the year.  In addition to program hours, students will be asked to attend a summer camp training session and monthly band-togethers.


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Recreational Music Center (RMC) is located in San Diego's flagship destination for cultural arts - Arts District at Liberty Station. Parking is available on Truxtun Road or in the adjacent lot in front of the Von's shopping center. We offer lessons for ALL instruments including Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. For more information about lessons and classes please call or email us today: 619-225-9597.

We also offer Early Childhood classes for ages 0-4. To enroll in one of our Early Childhood classes please call or email us today619-225-9597


RMC was founded in 2009 by David and Leslie Gereghty

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